Finding Peace In Our Homes

The idea of light and festivals of light during this season is perhaps as old as mankind. Making light in the darkness and the union of light all over the world to carry goodness is a picture I have in my head of this time of year. It begins in our homes. If our homes … Read more

Organizing For Peace Part Two

Part of my inner Advent this year is really looking to see how we can bring more peace into our life. When we moved to the farm 18 months ago, it was whirlwind of necessary projects (water and heat, anyone?) and we had a list of a number of cosmetic/flow type issues that would make … Read more

Hope For When Your Advent Looks Different

I love this first week of Advent, where the theme of this time is the idea of hope. I want to encourage you today that just because your Advent looks different, it doesn’t mean that it is wrong. Traditions can be established and can also change over time to better meet the needs of your … Read more

Organized for Peace Part One

This is the beginning of the holiday season as we turn toward our inward light during the darker nights. I love this time of year, having a cozy home and being home, and am planning to make the most of this time by organizing for peace. I hope you can join me, and if you … Read more

Heading Toward Winter

All outside is dark and cold But just beneath the earth Sleep seeds from which new life spring Bringing Nature’s gifts to birth Betty Jones, from “A Child’s Seasonal Treasury” The days are shorter, the nights are colder, and the leaves on the deciduous trees have fallen. We are headed toward winter, a time of … Read more