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Our earth consists of water and air. Crust beneath oceans is called oceanic crust.

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The earth spins on its axis once every 24 hours.

Earth a unique planet worksheet answers. Earth is the fifthlargest planet in our solar system. In general, continental crust is much thicker than oceanic crust. 2) why did the earth start to spin slower ?

The conditions necessary for life on earth, are ideal temperature range with an average between 10°c and 35°c, solar radiation, humidity, wind, water, land etc. The earth also spins on its axis that causes the cycles of day and night, but it does not spin on a vertical axis. There may be others, but we have not found them yet.

The climate of the earth is neither too hot nor too cold. Continental crust crust that is not covered by oceans. Revolves around the sun b.

Answer choices has liquid water on its surface atmosphere contains a large proportion of oxygen only planet that we know of that supports life has 2 moons tags: Download earth quiz questions and answers for class 3 answer the following gk questions on earth: Which of the following planet is known to have plants and animals on it?

Earth is the only planet that has liquid water. Star the temperature of earth is. Identify unique features that make life on earth possible.

Question 2 survey 60 seconds q. The earth is a unique planet because of so many reasons. Some of the worksheets for this concept are earth, my planet report, exploring earth sun and, 01 sw6 lp, inside earth work, chapter 1 introduction to earth science, earth systems science grades k 4 lesson 1 the blue planet, chapter 2 section 1 planet earth.

In this fifth and final episode, dr. Add to my workbooks (5) add to google classroom add to microsoft teams share through whatsapp The moon moving around earth.

One of the aspects that is readily apparent is the presence of life on planet earth. It does not come with the videos themselves.) What is a unique feature to the earth?

Rotates on its axis c. How did they arrive on earth ? Which is not a reason earth is unique?

Earth is the only planet that has life on it, and water content is one of the significant reasons. The planet earth is the only planet which we know to contain life. Planet earth multiple choice questions circle the correct answer.

Name the conditions necessary for life on earth. None of the above 4. Earth travels in its orbit at 107,000 kilometres an hour, or 30 kilometres a second, taking 365 days 6 hours 9 minutes 9.54 seconds to circle the sun once.

The earth is very special because it is teeming with life. A unique planet31 structural zones of earth’s interior the three compositional zones of earth’s interior are divided into five structural zones. Earth is the only planet in our solar system which has all the favorable conditions for the existence of life.

Crust that makes up continents is called continental crust. Approximately 71% of earth's surface is covered by a relatively thin layer of water oblate sheroid earth appears to be a perfect sphere but is actually an oblate sheroid, or slightly flattened sphere. This part of the mantle and the crust above it make up the lithosphere,a rigid layer 15 to 300 km thick.

Compare the biblical history of the world to the naturalistic 1 introduction to earth science • 8 2 introduction to geology • 12 3 the earth’s history • 15 4 the genesis flood • 21 5 the great ice age • 25 6 glaciers • 28 7 movement of glaciers • 34 describe the origin of the earth. Water is the basic need for living organisms to survive.

The uppermost part of the mantle is cool and brittle. A unique planet study flashcards learn write spell test play match gravity created by gregrt15 terms in this set (11) crust the thin and solid outermost layer of earth above the mantle. When seen from space the earth looks a.

Iain stewart looks at the big picture of earth’s place in space. Where is earth among the planets in distance away from the sun? We live on a beautiful, unique planet.

3) how did the first continents get birth ? 4) what are amino acids ? Give any two features of the earth that make it a ‘unique planet’.

Oceanic crust it lies under the oceans, and is only 5 to 10 km thick. As we begin our discussion of planet earth, it is useful to understand what makes our planet unique compared to other planets in our solar system. Moon our earth is a ______.

The earth’s earth from space. Water content not only makes the life possible on the earth but also makes it a unique planet of the solar system. 1) what is the origin of the tides ?

Which is the closest star to earth? Earth is the third planet from the sun, was formed 4.6 billion years ago and is made mostly of rock. What causes night and day on earth?

Which sentence correctly describes earth's layers? When planetary scientists search for evidence of life on other planets, the search begins with the quest for liquid Seismic waves are vibration's that travel through earth oceanic crust the crust beneath the oceans is called oceanic crust continental crust

The thin, solid, outermost compositional zone is the crust. It is the only planet to have seas and oceans of 'liquid' water and an atmosphere containing oxygen. The crust is below the mantle.

Sun alpha centauri a moon proxima centauri the gas in most abundance on the earth is hydrogen oxygen nitrogen carbon dioxide __________ is composed of molten rocks that comes out during a volcanic eruption. Earth is 93 millionmiles away from the sun. Liquid water on its surface 2.

Up to 24% cash back 6) how did the earth start to cool down ? ·3rd planet from the sun ·4.6 billion years old ·about 70% of the surface covered in h.

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